Patients Information and FAQs

How do I book consultation?

To book your consultation, call our Clinic Reception desk, they will discuss your condition with you and will book an appropriate consultation which suits you.

What should I bring to my consultation?

You should bring along your previous medical letter or referral notes if you have been treated for the same problem and also medical notes of any existing illness.

Which consultant will I see?

We’ll arrange for you to see the Consultant with the expertise most relevant to your complaint. We will always try to book you with your preferred Consultant.

Your Treatment

What happens if I need as operation?

Your operation will be performed by your surgeon at one of the leading private hospitals with which the Westminster Ortho Med Clinic is associated.

Payment and Insurance

Westminster Otho Med Clinic is a private orthopaedic so we only see patients who have private medical insurance pr who are paying for their own treatment.

What will be the cost of my treatment?

Costs vary depending on the type of consultation needed and treatment recommended.

All costs will be confirmed with you when you have made an appointment. Patients with medical insurance will usually be covered in full by their policy although you should check this with your insurance provider ahead of treatment to avoid incurring any unexpected costs.

If you don’t have medical insurance, please make sure you are able to meet the costs provided in your quote before processing with treatment.

Will my medical insurance cover my consultation?

The cost of your consultation will usually be covered by your medical insurance provider.

However, it is always best to check with your provider to find out if your policy covers your consultation before making an appointment.

Will my medical insurance cover my treatment?

Medical insurance cover can vary significantly between policies and providers, so it always best to check with your insurer to find if your treatment costs will be fully covered.

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